Square Club NFT
Miners and Explorers Club of the Velas Network
Many years ago 4444 Squares decided to establish a Club on the Velas Network. They together, as a community, explore the Network and mine new blocks. People say that as a result of their work the network supports +75000 TPS. Due to the powers they grant, everyone wants to capture a Square and become a Square Master.
About us
The Square Club are 4444 unique beings in the multiverse who will do anything to make their Master feel blessed by the Blockchain. They live in community and work incredibly hard to expand the Velas Network and the Squareverse.
No Square Master will ever be disappointed. As a Square Master, you will have access since the very first block to all projects where Squares are involved and you will assume the duty of choosing, together with the other Square Masters, the future of the Squareverse.
Our Partners
  • Whitelist
    Early supporters will be allowed to whitelist their address for the presale.
  • A presale will be available for whitelisted users only
  • Public sale
    Will be possible to mint Squares by everyone
  • Squares rarity and ranking page will be launched
    Rarity page
  • Staking
    You will be able to stake your Squares and earn amazing things
  • Who better than you to decide the Squares future?
  • New Roadmap
    A new roadmap will be made and approved by the hodlers
  • 88% For public sale
  • 8% Reserved for presale (Whitelisted users only)
  • 2% VIP whitelist reserved for influencers, thought leaders and community members supporting the vision from day 1
  • 2% Reserved for team and marketing
Public price: 444 VLX

Our Team

Daniel Mena
Yasiel Cabrera
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Square Club?

Square Club is a collection of 4444 unique NFTs that live on the Velas blockchain. Each Square was algorithmically generated and assigned random attributes with different rarities

How much to mint a Square?

When the presale starts you will be able to see how much it will cost to mint each NFT.

What do I need to mint a Square?

You need a MetaMask wallet funded with enough VLX to cover minting and gas costs.

How many Squares will there be?

There are only 4444 Squares

How can I see my NFTs on my MetaMask wallet?

You will be able to see your NFTs in metamask and in the Gallery of the site once the collection is launched and you buy at least one.